Software for Siemens/Bewator V3i

The V3i is a video switching matrix for the security surveillance market, and is deployed in high-profile sites world-wide.

Using various serial protocols, a 16-bit Hitachi H8S microcontroller manages multiple sources of control, user logins, and camera telemetry control output. Multiple V3i units may be combined using the VisiWire video trunk network to form large multi-site matrices.

Working for Bewator, I was the software architect and lead developer, heading the software team, and am currently the sole maintainer.

Software features I contributed:

  • Designed using Yourdon data flow and state diagrams
  • Coded in C (team total about 100k lines of non-comment code)
  • Multitasked using the Nucleus Plus kernel, wrapped with an OS abstraction layer and including a task-level hardware watchdog
  • Managed Flash memory using a bootloader for software updates and configuration storage
  • Supported many serial protocols for control input and telemetry output
  • Automated unit testing using the Hitachi Workbench IDE

My highlights:

  • Designed the VisiWire mesh network to link distributed matrices using a video trunk system, with dynamic routing of video controlled by RS-485
  • Wrote code generators to manage on-screen Unicode character fonts and multi-lingual text storage
  • Developed an Excel-based test system to create and run automatic software verification tests