Software for Strand Lighting 500-series Controllers

The Strand 500 series is a range of high-end lighting controllers for theatres, TV studios and colleges.

The 510/520/530/550 controllers are PC-based and use Ethernet networking to build large distributed lighting control networks, such as that used in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics. They have a screen-based user interface and a comprehensive command language that form part of the Genius Pro and Lightpalette range of operating software.

Working for Strand Lighting, I was the lead developer and headed the original 500-series software team.

Software features I contributed:

  • Coded in C (team total about 500k lines of code)
  • Used YACC to generate command parser code
  • Designed the screen user interface using data tables
  • Developed a script-based PC tool to automate regression testing
  • Added SMPTE timecode control to the rack-based 510 Show Controller